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Feeding schedule for 10month old baby.

The BLW Gear I Can’t Live Without

If you’ve already started baby-led weaning, you know about the mess. My Instagram may show the fun finished product, but my husband will attest that the kitchen is in shambles 90% of the time. I have two set-ups in our kitchen/family room, depending on what and when she’s eating and how messy I know it’s going to get. There are so many options for baby bowls out there, and I highly recommend using one rather than putting food on the tray. Since babies don’t develop their pincer grasp until month 9-10, they need something to push their food up against. Option 1: Bumbo chair + Goobie baby bowls + Ava and Oliver bib Maya eats the majority of her meals in this setup, sitting on top of the kitchen island. I love this chair because it’s almost impossible for her to move around in (though I always stand very close by) and the whole thing comes apart and can go straight into the sink to be hosed down. We took this chair on vacation and …